Clara Oswald in "Deep Breath"

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Tardis cursor code

Nope you’ve come to the wrong person. There’s literally a link on the post to the person you need to ask for the code. I don’t make original things, I reap the benefits of other peoples’ work! 

i keep trying to think of a way to add to resumes that like i run a successful blog with 25k followers cause it makes me sound like i’m in touch with media or like i know how to do publicity or something. but then they might ask for a link to the aforementioned successful blog and see that it’s 99% selfies, me accidentally offending people, and really bad jokes

if you take a quick 90m nap that can recharge you a bit since itll be one sleep cycle and thats better than no sleep!


That is a brilliant plan and I will try it. And if it doesn’t work I’ll hunt you down and skin your entire family and wear their skins like festive skin-suits to fancy parties. 

i think i was high when i said this cause thats the only logical explanation for that answer what the fuck is wrong with me 



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Note: Please don’t ask off anon because I won’t give it to you and also one cursor at a time. You can switch later but please don’t ask for multiple codes. Thanks! xD

Tardis Cursor


Dalek Cursor


Nine Cursor


Ten Cursor


Eleven Cursor


Jack Harkness Cursor


Ten’s Sonic Screw Driver


Eleven’s Sonic Screw Driver


for more cursors go here

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"if you don’t like them you can leave the world will not miss you" Try reading that last bit from the perspective of someone who has been contemplating suicide lately or knows someone who committed suicide. Joke or not, that's not okay to say. The smallest things set people off.

1. I don’t have to “try” reading it from that perspective 

2. But actually, sorry to anyone who was offended by that

3. I don’t think anyone took it seriously though. I mean, the chances of someone being suicidal and ALSO not finding those comics funny seems pretty slim. 

these are all so fucking funny and if you don’t like them you can leave the world will not miss you

Random question, but does the tardis just self repair when time traveling? The outside always seems new by the end of an episode.

The TARDIS adapts to its surroundings. It changes with the Doctor, so we know that even though the cloaking device is broken it still has the ability to change, to an extent. 

At the same time though, imagine the Doctor trying to fly it through a drive through car wash.

Hello beautiful! Haven't seen you on my dash in a while! What did you think of Deep Breath?

Hi! Thanks for the greeting+compliment thing you’ve got going on.

I liked it, simply put. It was a little unnecessarily complicated, opening up another moffat storyline that will span the whole season and purposely try to confuse everyone and probably include at least 30 plot holes. However, I enjoyed the doctor’s newfound moral compass. 11 probably would have just murdered everything and everyone for funsies. 12 seems like he’ll avoid that when possible. I also liked that Clara kind of actually has a personality now, beyond just “doctor’s perky attractive companion”. Thought the dinosaur was a little pointless, and just there to show off how cool they can make CGI stuff. 

I enjoyed watching it and I cared about what was going to happen to the characters. It’s a step up from what’s recently been happening. I’d still rather re-watch S1-4 though. 

Ok, so maybe not so simply put. 

you would THINK that with the new SEASON and a whole new DOCTOR i might actually get some god damn mother fucking SUBMISSIONS around here

but if you DID think that i can tell you for a fact you would be MISTAKEN